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Electronic Banking Department
Mon-Thurs: 8am - 4:30pm
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Online Banking FAQs
Forgotten Login ID/Password
How do I reset my password for online banking? - Enter your Access ID on the home page of our website. This will take you to the Log in page, click Forgot Password? You will be given a choice for delivery of a Secure Access Code. Once you have received your Secure Access Code, you will be directed to the Change Your Password screen.
The system has warned me that one more unsuccessful login attempt will lock my account. What are my options? - If you have unsuccessfully tried to login and have been warned that one more unsuccessful entry will lock your account, you may choose the Forgotten Password process. That process will enable you to reset your password to something you can remember without the risk of locking your account. If you choose to try to login one more time and fail, you will be required to contact us to unlock your account.
I have been locked out of the system due to entering the wrong User ID or password too many times. How do I unlock my account? - If you have locked your account due to several unsuccessful login attempts, for your security you are required to contact us to unlock your account.
I have forgotten my login ID. What do I do? - If you forget your login ID, please contact us. We will be required to securely verify your identity before providing you your login ID.
Can I change my login ID and/or password? - Once you have successfully logged into the system, you can voluntarily change your login ID and/or password through the Settings > Security Preferences.
General Online Banking Support
How do I sign up for Online Banking? - When you open an account with us, the CSR will enroll you.
If you already have accounts with us, you can access the online enrollment form which is located on the left hand side of our home page.
I am trying to receive my secure access code via phone and/or text but I do not have my correct phone number listed. - Please call our Electronic Banking Department at 859-873-3136 or 800-873-0236 - to correct or add additional phone numbers
Can I add another contact number? - Once you have successfully logged into the online banking system, you can update your preferred contacts via the Settings > Security Preferences.
Why must I have to get a Secure Access Code every time I login? - Either you haven't registered your device or PC for the first time, or you are trying to access the system from a non-registered device or PC.
Is the code I received by phone or text message my new password? - No, it is only a temporary access code. Never enter a secure access code on the login page as a password or as an existing password when instructed to change your password or establish a new password.
Do I need software or other requirements for this enhanced online banking? - No software is needed. However, to ensure your optimal viewing ability and your online browsing safety, we have listed the most up-to-date requirements, which you can view here - System Requirements
Who do I call for Online Banking support? - Call our Electronic Banking Department at 859-873-3136 or 800-873-0236
Registering your computer
Why am I being required to register each computer I use to access online banking? - In today's online environment, login ID/password access to your financial information is no longer considered sufficient to securely verify your identity. Therefore, in addition to your login ID and password, our online verification requires us to deliver you a one-time piece of required information via something only you possess (for example, your email account or your telephone). Once you receive the additional piece of information (a secure access code) and enter it into our system, we will remember your computer and browser and mark your browser with a cookie and/or other browser-specific object.
Registering your computer adds a strong layer of security to your online accounts. This means that no other unregistered computer in the world has access to your online information, even if your login ID and password were accidentally or unintentionally compromised. Once we register your computer and browser, you will only be required to enter your login ID and password on future logins via the registered computer browser.
I registered my computer during a previous login, but the system is asking me to register it again. Why? - There are several reasons this may happen, including:
>Your browser settings are set to delete cookies, or your browser cookie for online banking has been deleted since the last time you logged in.
>Your online profile is set to require a secure access code delivery each time you log in.
>You are logging in via a different browser on the same registered computer. Each browser (i.e. Chrome/Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari/) must be individually registered.
>We have reset all active registrations on the system for security purposes.
How do I remove the registration from a computer that is no longer mine? - You can remove the registration of a computer/browser by deleting your cookies, or only the cookie related to our online site. Please see your browser help for assistance in deleting cookies.
General Questions about the Online Banking System
Where can I find the First Time Online Banking User Terms and Conditions that appears when I first logged in? I forgot to print it out when I had the chance. - Please click here First Time Online Banking User Terms and Conditions
Text Banking, Mobile Bill Pay and Mobile Deposit FAQs
How do I enable text banking? - Once logged into Online Banking, go to Settings > Text Enrollment. Toggle to ON, provide your cell phone number and agree to the Terms.

Text Command Options to 226563 for the Following Information
- BAL or BAL - Request account balance
- HIST - Request account history
- XFER to - Transfer funds between accounts
- LIST - Receive a list of keywords
- STOP - Stop all text messages to the mobile device (for text banking and SMS alerts/notifications)

*Message and data rates may apply

How do I access Mobile Bill Pay in Mobile Banking? - If you have set up Payees in the Personal Bill Pay within Online Banking, those payees can be accessed in mobile banking. You will find them within your Mobile App.
How do I sign up for Mobile Deposit? - Within the Mobile App, go to Services to sign up. Review the Terms and Conditions, and then Accept them. After you submit your request, we will review your account details and will respond to your request by sending an email to your Secure Mailbox within 5 business days. Mobile Deposit enrollment is subject to certain restrictions and approval.
Signing Off Online Banking Properly
What is the most secure way to sign off? - To maximize the security of your online information, you are strongly encouraged to always use the Sign Off menu selection or close your browser to end your session.
What is defined as inactivity? - There are two periods of time that are considered “Inactive”:
LockTime = Customer who has been inactive for 15 minutes (Business customers = 30 minutes) will be required to re-enter their Password.
Timeout = Customer who has been inactive for 20 minutes (Business customers = 45 minutes) will be required to re-login using both their Login ID and Password.
Both are defined as not having submitted any request to the server within the user session timeout period. If you submit a request that results in the rendering or refreshing of a page, or you submit a transaction, your user session timeout period is automatically restarted. Simply typing information such as dollar amounts into a form is not defined as system activity.